China Ends Wuhan Lockdown, but Normal Life Is a Distant Dream

Wuhan, China, had been sealed off since late January in an effort to limit the coronavirus outbreak’s spread. The city’s recovery could dictate how other places move forward.
Roman Pilipey/EPA, via Shutterstock

Date Published: April 7, 2020

Source: The New York Times

Lockdown of Wuhan ended on Wednesday, after only three new COVID-19 cases were reported in the city in the previous three weeks. People are able to leave after presenting authorities a government-sanctioned phone app which uses information regarding their home address, recent travels and medical history to determine if they are a “contagion” risk. It is estimated more than 55,000 people will leave Wuhan by train, and footage from state news revealed cars leaving through toll stations as soon as restrictions were lifted. In Wuhan, however, rules remain to prevent viral spread (e.g. staying home as much as possible and schools remaining closed). Although 94% of businesses were able to resume operations, it is unclear how much business they are doing. Concern about the local economy remains, with many small businesses concerned about the impact of further income loss. Ms. Ding who works for an architectural company describes it as, “the whole world is in a bad state, and as far as the future goes, nobody has much confidence.” Ms. Yan, a sales executive for a unit of General Electric, says there is hesitancy to bring too many employees back to work due to COVID-19 fears. Ms. Yan is currently on sick leave after spending 15 days fighting COVID-19 in one of the city’s newly built coronavirus hospitals. The experience made her reshuffle her priorities: “Health and family first. Work, career, success — all of that second.”

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Summary by: Jayoti Rana