Does vitamin D deficiency affect mortality in patients with acute respiratory failure caused by COVID-19?

Bottom Line:

In 42 consecutive patients with acute respiratory failure from COVID-19, it was found that severe vitamin D deficiency increased the chance of mortality from the virus.


Carpagnano, G.E. et al. Vitamin D deficiency as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19. J Endocrinol Invest (2020).

Date Published:

9 August 2020


This study looked at data from 42 patients who had acute respiratory failure as a result of COVID-19. Of the 42 consecutive patients, most of which were male, and 81% of the sample having low levels of vitamin D, or hypovitaminosis D. Patients were split into four groups depending on the extent of the vitamin D deficiency – 19% of the patients did not have hypovitaminosis D, 24% of the patients had insufficient vitamin D levels, 31% of the patients had moderate deficiency of vitamin D, and 24% had severe vitamin D deficiency. The results of the study found that after 10 days in hospital, patients with severe deficiency of vitamin D had a 50% chance of mortality, compared to a 5% mortality risk of patients without severe vitamin D deficiency. Although only a small sample was used in this study, this may provide support for the importance of vitamin D supplementation in patients with COVID-19.

Summary by: Max Solish