Does having diabetes increase the risk of ICU admission and death?

Bottom Line:

Diabetes does not increase the risk of death from COVID-19, but is associated with increased ICU admission, in addition to other outcomes.


Al-Salameh, A. et al. Characteristics and outcomes of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients with and without diabetes. Diabetes/Metabolism Research & Review (2020).

Date Published:

19 July 2020


This study looked at COVID-19 patients, with and without diabetes, to see whether that would influence the outcomes of ICU admission and death. Other outcomes that were compared between the two groups included the development of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), acute kidney injury, incidence of cardiac injury (injury to the heart muscle), and infection. The researchers studied 433 patients, 26.6% of which had diabetes. The results of this study showed that having diabetes was associated with increased odds of ICU admission, as well as an increased length of stay in hospital, but not an increase in mortality. Additionally, it was found that diabetes was also associated with an increased risk of developing ARDS and acute kidney injury. There was no increased risk reported for cardiac injury and infection.

Summary by: Max Solish