What should be the proposed approach to COVID-19 patients with skin disorders, especially those using immunomodulators?

Bottom Line:

This study discovered that patients with skin disorders do not have more severe symptoms of COVID-19. Patients are recommended to stop their previous medications until they are no longer symptomatic.


Nobar, N.N. et al. Patients With Specific Skin Disorders Who Are Affected by COVID-19: What Do Experiences Say About Management Strategies? : A Systematic Review. Detmatol Ther (2020). https://doi.org/10.1111/dth.13867

Date Published:

18 June 2020


Currently, there is little known about the clinical presentation and appropriate treatment strategies for patients with skin disorders who are concomitantly infected with COVID-19. Some skin manifestations that have been observed to accompany clinical signs of COVID-19 include but are not limited to maculopapular eruptions (discoloured/red rash with small raised bumps), generalized hives, and “COVID toes (red lesions typically on the soles).” This systematic review focuses on the course and management strategies for patients with skin disorders that have been diagnosed with COVID-19, specifically those undergoing treatment with immunomodulators (medications that regulate the immune system). This study explores 9 case reports and found that the severity of COVID-19 symptoms were similar to those in the general population. They concluded that the most appropriate approach to treatment is to stop the use of immunomodulators until symptoms have subsided.

Summary by: Eugenia Yeung