What are the clinical effects of the anti-viral medication, Arbidol, on patients with COVID-19?

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Bottom Line:

When combined with adjuvant therapy, Arbidol has shown to accelerate recovery in COVID-19 patients.


Chen, W. et al. A study on clinical effect of Arbidol combined with adjuvant therapy on COVID‐19. Journal of Medical Virology (2020). https://doi.org/10.1002/jmv.26142

Date Published:

8 June 2020


Arbidol (ARB) is an anti-viral medication that has been used therapeutically during the SARS outbreak. As such, ARB may be a candidate in the treatment of COVID-19 and may alleviate its associated symptoms. In this study, ARB was used in combination with adjuvant therapy in the treatment group while those in the control group received only the adjuvant therapy. Patients that received ARB with adjuvant therapy showed markedly faster relief in fever and cough symptoms compared to those in the control group. Additionally, those in the treatment group presented negative for COVID-19 viral detection in a shorter period relative to the control group. No obvious abnormalities in routine blood tests or significant side effects were observed between groups. Together, Arbidol combined with adjuvant therapy may be beneficial in accelerating the recovery rate of patients with COVID-19.

Summary by: Edwin Wong