Can COVID-19 cause abnormal blood clotting in Caucasian patients?

Bottom Line:

When infected with COVID-19, Caucasian patients are at higher risk than Chinese patients of developing blood clots.


Fogarty, H. et al. COVID‐19 Coagulopathy in Caucasian patients. British Journal of Haematology (2020).

Date Published:

24 April 2020


Ethnicity is known to have major implications on how readily patients form abnormal blood clots. Chinese patients have a significantly lower thrombotic risk than Caucasian patients. The researchers reveal that in a Caucasian population, COVID-19 infection is associated with increased thrombotic risk. More severe infections are associated with more significant coagulopathy. Data shows that the widespread formation of blood clots are well-controlled with a blood thinning medication called low molecular weight heparin. The researchers postulate that ethnicity differences may contribute to difference in COVID-19 deaths between populations.

Summary by: Jackie Tsang