Germany, a global leader on COVID-19 response, cautiously comes out of lockdown

Manager Yushi Jereczeh pours a beer at the reimagined Birgit & Bier bar in Berlin. It can’t yet operate as an all night club under Germany’s slowly paced loosening of lockdown rules, but it could reopen as a beer garden where staff wear masks and customers can only take them off at their tables.
Evangelo Sipsas/CBC

Date of Publication: May 30, 2020

Source: CBC

Thanks to Germany’s robust response to the coronavirus, the country has slowly begun opening up from lockdown around April 20. According to Johns Hopkins University, Germany had about 183,000 cases of COVID-19 and 8,500 deaths. While this is a high number of infections, the death rate is substantially lower compared to other Western countries. The country’s COVID-19 fatality rate is about 4.6% while the fatality rate in France is 15.4% and, in Italy, 14.3%. As a cautionary measure, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel wants physical-distancing measures to remain in place until at least the end of June.

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Summary by: Joseph Chon