Yemen’s health system ‘has in effect collapsed’ as coronavirus spreads, UN says

A health worker takes the temperature of a woman riding a taxi van, amid concerns of the spread of COVID-19, at the main entrance of Sanaa, Yemen, on May 9. 
Khaled Abdullah/Reuters

Date of Publication: May 22, 2020

Source: CBC

Aid workers in Yemen report having to turn people away from treatment of COVID-19 due to a lack of medical oxygen or sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment. The main COVID-19 treatment centre has recorded 68 deaths in two weeks, more than double the number announced by Yemeni authorities. This suggests that there is wide community transmission taking place across the country. The United Nations estimates that it will seek $2 billion US for Yemen to maintain its aid programs for the year. Without the money, “the world will have to witness what happens in a country without a functioning health system battling COVID.” 

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Summary by: Rakshith Gangireddy