Coronavirus: Hydroxychloroquine trial begins in the UK

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Date Published: May 21, 2020

Source: BBC

A trial to determine if two antimalarial drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, could prevent COVID-19 have begun in Brighton and Oxford. The participants in this trial will be 40,000 healthcare workers from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America who are in contact with COVID-19 patients. They will be given either chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine or a placebo. This trial will test if the drugs can prevent healthcare workers exposed to the virus from contracting it. One of the study’s leaders, Professor Nicholas White at the University of Oxford outlined that currently the benefits and harms of using chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19 are unknown. However, he further mentioned that a randomized controlled trial such as this one, where neither the participant nor the researchers know who has been given the drug or a placebo, was the best way to find out. 

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Summary by: Manjot Sunner