B.C.’s top doctor Bonnie Henry says 2nd wave of COVID-19 inevitable, but current lessons will guide response

B.C. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.
Ben Nelms/CBC

Date Published: May 21, 2020

Source: CBC

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the British Columbia Medical Officer of Health, warned that a second wave of COVID-19 was inevitable in Canada. As the province looks to loosen restrictions over the coming weeks in a bid to balance reopening the economy with safeguarding the safety of BC residents, Dr. Henry is emphasizing the importance of continuing to prepare over the coming months for another surge in cases. They will be studying the measures that may be possible to implement without returning to a complete lockdown that was seen just a few months ago. She says that among the tools we’ll need are the capacity to rapidly expand testing as well as robust contact tracing. She cautions that while we are likely far away from a return to pre-COVID-19 life, she hopes that we will come out of the other side better than when we came in, from both an individual and societal perspective.

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Summary by: Vincent Tang