Police report 2,200 home quarantine checks as Trudeau talks about stricter border measures

Chris Young/Canadian Press

Date Published: May 20, 2020

Source: CBC

Police officers in Canada have made 2,200 home visits to Canadians who have returned to Canada during the pandemic in order to ensure compliance with the 14 day self-isolation rules. Anyone arriving in Canada must complete a contact-tracing form to help the Public Agency of Canada (PHAC) enforce the 14 day self-isolation. If PHAC needs assistance in enforcing the rules, they will contact the RCMP, who will either do the physical verification visit themselves or hand it off to another police service. There have been no arrests under the Quarantine Act so far, and failing to comply with the act can lead to up to a $750,000 fine and/or jail time. Meanwhile, the border closure to non-essential travel with the U.S. has been extended until June 21, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stating that we need to do more to ensure that travelers coming back to Canada are properly followed up on and are properly isolated. Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam has called the 14-day quarantine for arrivals into Canada a “cornerstone” of the pandemic response going forward. 

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Summary by: Christina Blagojevic