Italy’s Great Beautification: Hair Salons Are Back

The blow dryers were out at a salon in Milan on Monday.
Claudio Furlan/LaPresse, via Associated Press

Date of Publication: May 19, 2020

Source: The New York Times

One of the most entertaining trends to come out of the coronavirus lockdown are all the at-home haircuts. This pandemic has made society appreciate all the routine aspects of life that we take for granted, such as in-store shopping and going to barbers and salons. With all the quaran-beards and quaran-cuts, it comes as no surprise that hair salon appointments will be booked up for months following the lockdown. That is exactly what is now happening in Italy as it becomes the first European country to loosen it’s lockdown restrictions, with restaurants, bars, churches and stores opening. The story follows 78-year-old Lucilla Vetranio in Rome, who headed directly to her hair salon, after two months of self washing and colouring her hair. She was lucky enough to get a next-day appointment at her hair salon, but her nail-care would have to wait as the earliest appointment she could get was for June 26. In Italy where beauty is held in especially high regards, it is no surprise they are the salon capital of Europe, with 104,000 salons nationwide, more than that of the UK or France. Salons and beauty parlors make up a large part of the Italian economy. Despite the re-opening of these establishments it will not be business as usual, with businesses following strict social distancing precautions the daily number of clients are greatly limited.

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Summary by: Hira Raheel