Nearly 100 children in New York being treated for rare syndrome believed linked to COVID-19

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Date of Publication: May 13, 2020

Source: The Globe and Mail

A new, rare, manifestation possibly linked to COVID-19 is becoming more apparent in children. Referred to variably as pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome or multisystem inflammatory vasculitis, it shares multiple symptoms with Kawasaki Disease and toxic shock. Symptoms reported so far include a longstanding fever, abdominal pain, red eyes, and in rare cases, cardiac arrest. It’s thought that many of these symptoms are linked to inflammation of an individual’s blood vessels, but its link to SARS-CoV-2 still has not yet been confirmed. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has alerted the local healthcare system to prioritize children presenting with these symptoms, and Ontario’s Health Minister stated that the case definition for COVID-19 will now include symptoms from this inflammatory syndrome, acknowledging the possibility that the two may be connected. 

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Summary by: Vincent Tang