Japan approves Gilead’s remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19

A Gilead Sciences sign is seen in Oceanside, Calif., on April 29, 2020.
Mike Blake/Reuters

Date Published: May 7, 2020

Source: The Globe and Mail

Japan on Thursday approved Gilead Sciences Inc’s remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19, making it the country’s first officially authorized drug treatment. With no other approved treatments for COVID-19, interest in the drug is growing around the world. Administered by intravenous infusion, it was granted authorization last week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use for the disease. Remdesivir, which previously failed as a treatment for Ebola, is designed to disable the ability by which some viruses make copies of themselves inside infected cells. Gilead says the drug has improved outcomes for people suffering from the respiratory disease and has provided data suggesting it works better when given in the early stages of infection. Japan as yet does not know when it will get its first doses of remdesivir or how much, the health ministry official said.

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Summary by: Manjot Sunner