Coronavirus: Europe grapples with lifting limits on travel

The transport system in Paris is gearing up for a gradual return to trains, buses and the metro next month

Date of Publication: April 29, 2020

Source: BBC

Lifting travel limitations continues to be a challenge in Europe: starting May 11, France plans to allow people to go on trips within 100km while wearing a mask, while Germany has warned against global travel until mid-June. To provide relief for airlines, several European Union (EU) states have called for a change in travel rules to allow for airlines to compensate passengers with vouchers if their flight was cancelled, rather than in cash. France and Germany have both decided to require masks on public transit. France will also be divided into zones to show where COVID-19 is still circulating, and a printed document will be required to travel more than 100 km after May 11, which will be allowed “solely for compelling family or personal reasons”. In terms of the reopening of beaches, France will not be opening beaches until at least June, while Spain is planning on re-opening their beaches at the end of June. 

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Summary by: Christina Blagojevic