How the pandemic makes mourning shooting victims that much more difficult for Nova Scotians

Children sign a Canadian flag at an impromptu memorial in front of the RCMP detachment in Enfield, N.S. 
Tim Krochak/Getty Images

Date Published: April 21, 2020

Source: CBC

The mass-shooting in the rural community of Portapique in Nova Scotia on Saturday left an already subdued nation in even greater shock. The restrictions on social gatherings is adding to the pain and grief of the friends and family members of the 18 lives lost during this tragedy by preventing them from paying respects at funerals, memorial services, and vigils. The physical distancing rules in Nova Scotia limit the number of people who can gather in social settings to a maximum of five, including funeral homes. Funeral homes have made some adjustments such as offering recorded services and streaming online, in addition to staggered viewing in periods for close family members. A virtual vigil is planned for Friday evening to honour those killed in the shooting rampage. The lead pastor at the Faith Baptist Church in Great Village, N.S., about 10 km from Portapique says, “I am thankful for social media, even the technology … but it’s not quite the same.”

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Summary by: Hira Raheel