Coronavirus: Immigration to US to be suspended amid pandemic, Trump says


Date Published: April 21, 2020

Source: BBC

US President Trump announced plans in a tweet on Monday, April 20 to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States, with an executive order potentially coming into effect in the next few days. The order would prevent non-US citizens from living and working within the country by suspending visa processing. However, no further details have been released since President Trump posted his tweet and it is unclear if such an order could be carried out. President Trump has argued such an act would limit the spread of infection from abroad, and also protect jobs within the country from foreign workers as over 20 million Americans have recently become unemployed. Many politicians including California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, former Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, and former Vice-President Joe Biden have condemned the action and stated that the President is using the pandemic to push his anti-immigration policies.

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Summary by: Helen Genis