Why South Korea has managed to flatten the COVID-19 curve

South Korean police officers wearing masks walk in front of the Deoksu palace in downtown Seoul. 
Lee Jin-Man/The Associated Press

Date Published: April 20, 2020

Source: CBC

South Korea, which has had a great record for handling the COVID-19 outbreak, attributes the success to wide spread testing, including drive-thru testing, and in depth contact tracing. Furthermore, after the MERS outbreak in 2015, South Korea changed their privacy laws so big data and AI could be used to gather information in the context of outbreaks and has helped to reduce contact-tracing time.

South Korea’s current concern is a second wave of the virus due to travel. As such, when travellers arrive at the Seoul airport, their temperature is scanned, and if they are experiencing symptoms, they are moved to a testing facility. In addition, inbound travellers are asked to download an app onto their cell phone so the government can monitor them for symptoms over the 14-day quarantine period, where they are not allowed to leave their hotels or homes.

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Summary by: Jayoti Rana