COVID-19 Canada: Scheer rejects Liberals’ proposal for virtual sessions, says Parliament will reopen

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer is seen during a news conference in Ottawa, Tuesday April 14, 2020. Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press

Date Published: April 20, 2020

Source: The National Post

With parliament set to reconvene three of the four major parties are set to back a plan for a single weekly sitting in order to minimize in-person contact. They state that the only reason to be physically present in the House during the pandemic is to vote on legislation quickly, which is more important than ever. The government is also debating plans to meet virtually. However, leader of the Conservative party, Andrew Scheer, said Monday morning that “frequent accountability sessions” are important in order to keep Liberals accountable. The Senate on the other hand is not expected to meet until June 2 unless legislation needs to be passed.

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Summary By: Mark Youssef