Health Canada approves new rapid COVID-testing kits

Spartan Bioscience Inc. CEO Paul Lem holds one of his company’s COVID-19 portable, rapid testing devices in a handout photo. Health Canada has approved the use of the device for testing for COVID-19. The Spartan Cube from Ottawa’s Spartan Bioscience is expected to help provide rapid tests in rural and remote areas such as Indigenous communities.
The Canadian Press/HO-Spartan Bioscience Inc.

Date Published: April 13, 2020

Source: The Globe and Mail

Over the weekend, Health Canada approved a new rapid test for COVID-19 that produces results in under an hour. Previously, all COVID-19 tests have been processed through large polymerase chain reaction (PCR) equipment that were centrally located in provincial labs. This new test will allow for rural, remote areas, and Indigenous communities to test more easily through a handheld CAN analyzer. This news is especially important for Ontario which has had the lowest testing rates in the country for weeks. The company, Spartan Bioscience, is now contracted by the federal government, and three provincial governments (Ontario, Quebec and Alberta). It will begin shipping tests for the federal and provincial governments as early as Monday hoping to be pumping out 10,000 tests a week in a month.

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Summary by: Mark Youssef