Recovered coronavirus patients are testing positive again in South Korea

A woman wearing a preventive face mask has her temperature checked, before casting a ballot for parliamentary elections at a polling station in Seoul, South Korea.
Heo Ran/Reuters

Date Published: April 10, 2020

Source: The National Post

South Korean officials reported that 91 previously cleared patients tested positive again for COVID-19. In order to prevent a resurgence of the pandemic, infected populations must develop sufficient immunity to prevent reinfection with the virus. Epidemiological investigations are currently being conducted by South Korean officials to better understand this trend. One potential explanation is that the virus may be “reactivated” rather than these patients being re-infected. This may also be explained by false test results or lingering harmless viral remnants. Experts in South Korea speculate the number of recovered patients testing positive again will only rise. 

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Summary by: Joseph Chon