Coronavirus: Apple and Google team up to contact trace Covid-19

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Date Published: April 10, 2020

Source: BBC

Apple and Google, developers of iOS and Android respectively which power the vast majority of smartphones in use, are jointly developing technology to alert people if they have recently come in contact with others who have tested positive for coronavirus. There are two phases: Phase 1 involves releasing an API by mid-May that allows third-party contact-tracing apps to run efficiently and cross-communicate with each other. Such apps have already been deployed in countries like Singapore and South Korea. Phase 2 involves building the same contact-tracing capabilities directly into their operating systems so that a third-party app is not needed and would lead to wider adoption. Although most privacy watchdogs have been optimistic, some critics argue that it needs to be scrutinized heavily before it can be carried out.

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Summary by: Rakshith Gangireddy