When will Canada pass the peak of COVID-19? Even the experts don’t know

Health workers screen patients at a walk-in COVID-19 test clinic in Montreal.
Source: The Canadian Press/Paul Chiasson

Date Published: March 26, 2020

Source: CTV News

It is difficult to tell how far Canada is in the COVID-19 outbreak.  Testing activity is increasing but the distribution of testing varies by province and there have been backlogs in processing tests.  As the virus has an incubation of 14 days, current case numbers reflect events 14 or more days earlier.  According to Ashleigh Tuite, an expert in mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, monitoring COVID-19 related hospitalization should give better sense of how far Canada is in the epidemic. Looking at examples from elsewhere in the world, it may be a few months before things return to normal.  

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Summary by: Jayoti Rana