Covid-19’s resurgence in Hong Kong holds a lesson: Defeating it demands persistence

Hong Kong flower market
Hong Kong residents shop for flowers amid a flareup of the coronavirus this past Sunday.
Source: Isaac Lawrence/AFP via Getty Images

Date Published: March 26, 2020

Source: STAT

In Hong Kong, following an initial containment of COVID-19 cases several weeks ago, a significant number of new cases has emerged last week as restrictions on daily life were slowly lifted. Hong Kong residents have been taking precautions aggressively since news of the virus first spread, given the city’s previous experience with SARS in 2003. However, city residents have been unhappy with the government’s slow response to the evolving situation. Now with over 400 cases, the government has reinstated orders for citizens to remain at home and have taken measures to limit public interactions by closing many public facilities and forcing bars to stop serving alcohol. Currently approximately 1000 tests are performed daily, but the city’s hospital authority has also developed a so-called deep saliva test in order to increase their testing capability and allow symptomatic individuals to provide samples without the need of a technician. 

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Summary by: Helen Genis