Domestic abuse victims in ‘worst-case scenario’ during outbreak, providers say

Housing program supervisor Magda Sellon in her office Wednesday at the YWCA in Glendale.
Source: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

Date Published: March 24, 2020

Source: Los Angeles Times

US non-profit organizations helping individuals with interpersonal relationship violence are concerned that social distancing may result in increased rates of domestic abuse. The concern isn’t surrounding normally peaceful relationships, but rather in households with previous episodes of violence that are now triggered by stressors such as unemployment and a sense of loss of control. There may also be more difficulty reaching out for help as services become more difficult to access and victims don’t have regular contact with their friends and family members. Non-profit organizations are having to adjust how they provide help to domestic violence victims and survivors, including virtual support groups and hotlines, amidst the uncertainty of how the pandemic will affect shelters.  

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Summary by: Helen Genis