Canada at home: Scenes of social distancing and self-sacrifice to stay safe from coronavirus

Martin Reisch is a videographer who has a condition of asthma. He is confined in his Montreal appartement for an indefinite time.
Source: Benoit Aquin/The Globe and Mail

Date Published: March 20, 2020

Source: The Globe and Mail

Any type of social distancing can be hard on families, let alone businesses that thrive from seasonal sales.  One such chocolatier family is concerned that April sales will be hit hard from the coronavirus storm—sending sales revenue tumbling and families unable to pay their bills. Still others are separated even within families, with certain members under military-enforced quarantines abroad, unable to come home. Regardless of how you spell it, the wide sweeping effects of social distancing go beyond what we may have assumed would be a cheeky stay at home.

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Summary by: Michael Lee