Staying Fit in Quarantine – Part 2

Social Isolation Fitness Inspiration 

Quarantining is very important for improving public health, but can understandably make daily exercise more difficult. However, COVID quarantine didn’t stop passionate runner Pan Shancu,  from Hangzhou, China, from getting his steps in. 

Despite being quarantined in his small apartment, Shancu set up a track using two large tables and ran 6,250 laps. His efforts totaled running 50 kilometers in 4 hours, 48 minutes and 44 seconds. 

Shancu proves that we can all find creative ways to stay fit and healthy during quarantine. 

Pan Shancu running in his bedroom in Hangzhou, China’s eastern Zhejiang province. Photo: Stringer/AFP.

Sylvie Bowden
Written in Collaboration with Bianca McLean


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