Journaling – Part I: Reconnecting with your Inner Self

Journaling – Part I
Reconnecting with your Inner Self

Throughout our history, we have overcome a lot of challenging times. It appears now more than ever we recognize the importance and value of true connections. And yet, how do we make sure we are connected to our inner self? And why does it matter anyways?

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Perhaps journaling could help us answer those questions. Journaling is a treasured tool in recognizing how we connect with ourselves and the world around us. However, there are quite tangible and practical ways journaling facilitates our growth:

  • decreases stress levels and provides us with peace of mind;
  • increases self-confidence in recognizing our achievements, as well as boosting our happiness;
  • develops self-awareness and promotes healthy connections;
  • heightens our ability to self heal and provides clarity over challenging life situations.

It is easy to start a journaling practice – you just have to start! It’s not about being an excellent writer or communicator. This is your sanctuary, your time and place to share how you feel. Re-reading your earlier entries provides valuable insights as to your own uniqueness and how you make this world better.

There is no wrong way to journal, yet if you are unsure where to start, here are a few prompts for you (in no particular order):

  1. What makes me happy now? Why?
  2. What inspires me to be my best self?
  3. How can I be better today than I was yesterday?
  4. What is one of my happiest memories? Why?
  5. What lesson is life teaching me right now? Why is it important?
  6. What does happiness mean to me?
  7. Write a love letter to yourself (be generous here).
  8. What am I worried about? Why?
  9. How can I help myself de-stress today? (give a few detailed examples)
  10. What am I grateful for today? (always start or end with this one)

Hopefully, you decide to join the most beautiful journey of all – the journey of self-love and discovery. Wishing you happiness and peace!

Sylvie Bowden
Written in collaboration with Myroslava Balakhtar