Outdoor Activities Part III: Getting bored of running?

Outdoor Activities (While maintaining social distancing) – Part III
Getting bored of running?

It’s a normal reaction to anything, even something that you once loved. What was once an amazing hour or so to yourself outside where you could for once feel the sun now feels like a chore. You don’t have the drive to continue making progress on your runs and you find yourself cutting runs short, or skipping out on the regular run you pre-scheduled. So what should you do about it? In all honesty, it’s intrinsically not a very interesting movement; it’s just one foot in front of the other. I would argue that the long term benefits, tangible or not, are worth sticking through the rut though. So here’s some tips about what you can do if you feel yourself losing that spark.

  1. Do something other than run. Try cycling, hiking, scootering, skateboarding, rollerblading etc. Try mixing these modes of transport throughout your week. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Getting in activity in-between runs can also help keep up the cardio improvement you’ve worked so hard to gain while taking a break from running.
  2. Try changing your running routine. Been doing the same 5k every time? While it may not seem like it, there’s lots of different ways to run. Try doing intervals of sprints and slow jogging. Try running with a weighted vest for an added challenge. Try doing hill sprints. Or try a “paced run” where you maintain a pace that’s a little out of your comfort zone.
  3. Set a goal. Running can be enjoyable for the sake of running, but it’s always fun to also set and achieve goals. Ever imagined running a half-marathon or marathon? There’s tons of schedules online that can help you achieve whatever your goal is.
  4. Try a guided run. The Nike Run Club App has a fun feature where a voice will guide you through your run, telling you when to pick it up and when to take a breather. There are also other apps such as Zombies, Run! where you’ll try to collect supplies for your home base while running from zombies on your heels.
  5. Try joining an online running group. There’s tons of clubs on Strava where you can see where and how much your friends are running. You can also make new running friends (virtually). The sense of community can help make what seems like an individual sport feel a bit cozier.
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Sylvie Bowden
Written in collaboration with Kelvin Ng