Journaling – Part III: Journaling for Self-Confidence

Journaling – Part III
Journaling for Self-Confidence – I believe I can so I will

So, you were laid off and stressing out because money is tight?

Or on the verge of breaking up because your partner is getting on your nerves?

Rethinking your life choices up to this point and feel like something is missing but unsure what exactly?

Hey, has someone lost confidence due to the current world situation? Let’s find it!

Okay, no need to be dramatic or panic – we got this. We are in this together and we will overcome this together as well. So, it seems like we want to make sure that ‘everything is fine’ and ‘it’s going to be alright’ and yet confidence has left the chat.

No need to worry, let’s carry on with our journaling practice and repeat to ourselves:

I believe I can so I will

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I can achieve everything I set my mind to

I can accomplish all of my goals

I am abundant in all ways

Now let’s get back to the journaling part and write it all down so we can clear our minds, silence our demons, and focus on what matters – how to get what we want:

  • What makes me unique?
  • What do I appreciate about myself?
  • What emotions and feelings do I associate with confidence?
  • What is currently blocking me from being confident in myself and my abilities?
  • What can help me overcome these blocks and how am I moving forward?
  • What do I love about my life right now?
  • What am I great at?
  • What is ‘enough’ for me? When do I feel accomplished?
  • What makes my heart skip a beat?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I value the most and will not compromise on?
  • What can I work on to become better?
  • What makes me feel invincible?
  • What causes do I care for and whom could I serve?
  • What does being courageous and brave mean to me?
  • What inspires me to perform better?
  • What comforts me in knowing ‘I am enough’?
  • What am I grateful for?

To be self-confident is to know oneself – the good, bad and ugly. Only once you meet the true you, the naked you, the vulnerable you, is when you will start living.

Sylvie Bowden
Written in collaboration with Myroslava Balakhtar