Online Concerts

Bought tickets to a concert that you’ll never get to go to? Consider checking out an online concert or musical festival instead. Lots of artists have adapted to the current situation and have gone online. There are a ton of different online concerts and a lot of them are free! It might not be the [...]

Cycling Indoors

Everyone has heard of treadmills, but not as many people have heard about options to cycle indoors. While it may not be as nice as feeling the wind riding outdoors, there are a lot of unique benefits in addition to maintaining physical distancing. Indoor cycling gives you a more controlled, technologically advanced environment that means [...]

All zoomed out? Here is what you can do

Hey, stranger. How is the quarantine life going? Any new creative hobbies discovered, brilliant ideas for that home business you always wanted or, on the contrary, feeling ‘all zoomed out’? Well, if you are indeed feeling all zoomed out, not to worry, you are not alone. It won’t come as a surprise to you that [...]

Happiness is an Inside Job

No one could have predicted COVID-19 happening. As humans, we are creatures of habit – we do what we do and tend to not question or analyze it. However, right now, it seems as though we may be getting stressed and anxious since no one really knows what’s next. How do we take better care [...]

Connecting with Loved Ones – Part 3

Connecting with Loved Ones – Part 3Connecting with your Household             If you are fortunate enough to be quarantining with others – whether that’s a friend, family member, or roommate – you may have noticed that spending so much time together has changed things, for better or for worse. Some people might be finding it harder [...]

Journaling – Part IV: Journaling for Anxiety

Journaling – Part IVJournaling for Anxiety: How to Let Go of What Wants to Stay Desperate times call for desperate measures (or so they say). But how do you not be desperate in the time of uncertainty? When not everything seems certain, one thing you must know for sure: you always have yourself to depend [...]